Katie Allen

Deatsville, AL

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Medical Icon Meniscus Tear

I am a very active mother to four sons, whom are also very active. In September 2017 while running during a CrossFit class, I noticed some very uncomfortable knee pain. I stopped, rested several days, ice, anti- inflammatory medications, then some stretching... it just persisted.

I decided it was time to give Dr. Lyle Cain a call (as a former patient already, he was my hero). Before I could place the call, the family pet, an 80-pound, one-year-old lab, was extremely excited for me to come home. In her frenzied state she plowed into the front of my knee, I felt it tear and down I went.

Straight to the freezer for those wonderful homemade ice bags. In an hour it was swollen and there was no doubt, time to call.

Lucky for me, my husband is a family practice physician. He got me set up for a MRI the next day. I was sitting with Dr. Cain within 7 days and surgery was 2 days later.

Now 5 months out, I just completed a Spartan Super obstacle course race in Las Vegas, I’m back to 100% at CrossFit, and still coaching CrossFit, which is actually my favorite.

Thank you Dr. Cain and staff for you do.

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