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I injured my left wrist when I fell back on my outstretched hand in March of 2018. I visited a primary care physician and was treated with pain medicine and physical therapy.

Unfortunately, I hurt my wrist again in early April of 2019 and had worse pain. I went to an urgent care and they put a splint on it; however, my pain did not go away. 

One of my friends recommended I see a doctor at Andrews Sports Medicine. I was desperate for any relief. 

I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Ricardo Colberg in late April and he diagnosed me with de Quervain's syndrome. Dr. Colberg recommended an in-office, de Quervain's release procedure on my wrist. Dr. Colberg thoroughly explained my condition, the release procedure and recovery process.

A follow-up appointment and the procedure date was scheduled for the following week. I was anxious about having the procedure and Dr. Colberg was very understanding about that. 

The procedure lasted approximately 30 minutes and I could listen to my music and was even able to be on my phone. I did not feel a thing and my incision was the size of the tip of a pen. 

After the procedure was finished, I was able to go to lunch with my mom. When the anesthesia wore off, my wrist throbbed for a bit, but with the pain medicine that was prescribed to me, I was back at work on Monday. 

After four weeks I could not even tell I had the procedure. I was finally pain free. 

Dr. Colberg is very friendly and I would trust him to perform a similar procedure again. Out of the various procedures I have had, this was the easiest to recover from with the best results. 

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