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I was running a race in Pensacola, FL on March 1, 2014, when I felt a sharp pain in my right ankle. I hobbled across the finish line and still managed to take 2nd place in my age category. I immediately took a seat, propped my foot up and iced it. I went to a "doc in the box" because we were out of town. They blew me off and told me I had strained a ligament/tendon.

The following week I walked around with a limp. I finally decided to make an appointment and was scheduled to see Dr. Colberg. I remember him asking me, "did you drive yourself today? You have a stress fracture; I'm going to put you in a cast and I can't let you leave here without a driver." So, knowing my husband is 1.5 hours away, I call him to deliver the news and tell him to bring a "back up" driver.

I had a hard walking cast x 2 wks, then was transitioned into a Cam walking boot x 4 wks. I went back for a follow-up on April 23, 2014. I remember it all too well. It was a late afternoon appt. I made sure I took my other shoe inside with me because I just knew I was going to be "boot free" and well on my way to exercising again. I kept waiting and waiting. I could hear people talking outside the exam room & then I heard Dr. Colberg say, "uh...Norman...I need you to come look at something." I was thinking no, no, he isn't talking about me the entire time. He stuck his head in the door and said, "I haven't forgotten about you. I want Dr. Waldrop to look at something and he is finishing up in the OR." I thought cool, no big deal. Dr. Waldrop walked in, introduced himself & said, "what have you done to your ankle?" I said, "what do you mean?" He said, "it's worse and now it's displaced; I have to fix it." I couldn't believe it. I was totally shocked. Dr. Waldrop said he had only seen this happen one other time.

So on May 5, 2014, I underwent ORIF right lateral malleolus. After several weeks/months of being sedentary (for the most part) I was finally released mid November to run, mountain bike, and CrossFit. I battled some pain issues and pushed through but ultimately decided to undergo hardware removal in October 15.

I have felt great ever since. I'm back to running distance, weight training, and riding my mountain bike. I can't praise Dr. Waldrop enough. If I hear someone mention they are having problems with their foot/ankle I always jump at the chance to recommend him. He is a great physician and he definitely put me back in "my game!"

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Ricardo E. Colberg, MD
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Norman E. Waldrop, III, MD
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