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I was born in Raleigh, North Carolina and then my family moved to Atlanta, Georgia. I attended Samford University, and after college I lived in New York for many years where I taught theatre and music.

I moved back to Birmingham in 2015 when I was hired by my alma mater to manage The Wright Center at Samford University, one of Birmingham’s premier destinations for performing arts. I am now retired after a fulfilling career as a choir director, singer and venue director. I currently work as the Choir Director at Southside Baptist Church. 

About 10 years ago, an old, sports injury caught up with me. I played football in high school and broke my big toe on my right foot. Over the years, a bunion formed on that toe. The pain became so bad that I wasn’t able to sleep. I tried everything to make the pain go away: creams, hot baths, to compression socks. You name it, I tried it.

I ended up having a surgery 4 years ago to fix the problem, but it didn’t quite help as much as I had hoped. I almost gave up and just decided to live with the fact that I wouldn’t sleep well. It wasn’t really affecting my walking, but the daily pain was definitely affecting my quality of life.

My friend Abigail had been treated at Andrews Sports Medicine for her foot. She had a great experience, and her foot pain was alleviated. She highly recommended I visit the practice, so I scheduled an appointment with foot & ankle specialist, Dr. Charles Pitts.

During my initial office visit, Dr. Pitts reviewed my old x-rays from the previous surgery, and had new x-rays ordered to see if there had been a change to the anatomy of my foot. Dr. Pitts confidently stated that he could help me and told me, “Let’s fix it! How about next Thursday?” I was so both surprised and pleased with his statement. He wasted no time in wanting to help me.

Dr. Pitts performed forefront reconstruction surgery on my right foot in October of 2022. My pain and discomfort was mainly arthritic. In addition to alleviating my pain, Dr. Pitts was able to straighten up my foot and toes.

The recovery process and outcome has been great! Dr. Pitts’ athletic trainer, Emily, told me that the second day (the rebound) would be the hardest. However, it was a lot better than I expected. About 4 weeks after the surgery, it was tough, but I have been resilient and have been able to push through! My issue was deeper than just a bunion. I had arthritis too and Dr. Pitts was able to recognize the issue and help me.

Since my surgery, have had three post-op appointments with Dr. Pitts and I have continued to progress with no issues. Fortunately, I don’t limp anymore, and I can walk at a faster pace. I have also been able to get back to walking 3-5 miles every day with no pain or discomfort.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Dr. Pitts and Emily, who have both been so nice and helpful during my journey. They have always been there for me, answering my questions and concerns in a timely manner. I am thankful to Dr. Pitts and Emily for helping me get my life back, and just like my friend, I now have an Andrews Sports Medicine Comeback Story and I now recommend the practice to everyone I know who has orthopedic issues.

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