Krista Cleary

Cahaba Heights

Conditions + Treatments

Medical Icon Elbow Injury/Condition

I fell on my driveway and shattered by elbow on a Sunday afternoon.  The pain was unbelievable!

After an x-ray and CAT Scan, Dr. Goldstein was called in to try to set it. He determined that I really needed surgery and made me as comfortable as possible till Tuesday.

Everything went very well. Three weeks later, after it healed, I found out how involved the surgery was. He had to put it back together like a puzzle, screw the large pieces in place and re-anchor my tendons.

Dr. Goldstein took time to explain everything and kept an eye on my rehab. He would explain the x-rays and even draw pictures to help me understand what I needed to do to get back to normal.   

I really appreciate the use of my arm everyday because of the staff at Andrews!