Larry Stewart

Weaver, AL

Conditions + Treatments

Knee Replacement (Total)

Three years ago my knees got to such a state that my activity was very limited. Walking my dogs was painful, and playing golf and walking was out of the question. Even playing with an electric cart was becoming difficult and I could not walk up and down slopes on the golf course. Both knees had lost the ability to bend and I could not ride a bicycle, even the indoor bike.

I had been a patient of Andrews Sports Medicine for a number of years, going back to the HealthSouth days, and had gone through rehab several times. But things came to a head after a workout at my gym one day. My left knee popped as I extended the knee extension machine and hurt so bad I could barely walk.

I made appointment with Dr. Ortega, whom I had seen previously. He said that I needed a knee replacement on both knees.

I chose Dr. Dugas as my surgeon because he had operated on both my wife's shoulders and she was highly pleased with the result. I read Dr. Dugas' bio on the Andrews website and was very impressed. After an MRI, Dr. Dugas said that both my knees were "a mess" and what did I want to do? I chose to have the left knee replaced in October of 2014 since it hurt the most. The surgery was a great success!

Dr. Dugas replaced my right knee in September of 2015, and it too has been a great success! I cannot describe how good it is to have two good knees that bend and walk without pain! I can now play golf and walk up and down hills and ride my bicycle. Keeping up with my granddaughters is not a chore now! Even stairs are not a challenge anymore.

Dr. Dugas is a great surgeon. My surgical pain was minimal and St. Vincent's staff was wonderful. Also, I like how Dr. Dugas assigned Dr. Browne to manage my medicine and overall condition while he concentrated on the surgical aspects. I really feel and walk like a new man! Thanks Dr. Dugas! Thanks also to, Dr. Ortega, Dr. Browne, and all the associate physicans who treated me as well as the rehab staff.

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Jeffrey R. Dugas, MD
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José (Jody) O. Ortega, MD
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