Lisa Strong

Decatur, AL

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For some time, I had trouble with pain in my left foot under my toes when I would walk. I have been to doctors in Decatur where I live and had inserts for my shoes made and that didn't work.

I saw another orthopedist and a podiatrist and no help with those two. My foster dad told me about Dr. Waldrop and how he helped him. So, I decided to try one more time for help and God had bless me with a angel. :-)

Dr. Waldrop fixed my my middle toe where I could walk without pain when no one else could find the problem. I even switched from a Auburn fan to Alabama fan because he was the team so you see he gave me my foot back and he is my angel ! :-) The best!!

Let me tell you why Dr. Kathleen McKeon is my angel as well. I had a Ligament Interposition with Longus Palmars Autograft Thumb surgery on my right hand in 2015.

Afterwards I was sent to physical therapy. When that was completed I could not close my hand or use a knife to cut my food or even open a bottle of water.

The doctor that did my my surgery in Decatur had no clue what to tell me exept maybe it's arthritis. I cried every day and got so depressed because my hand worked before the surgery and to be left with no answers was devastating to me.

I knew Dr. Waldrop helped me so, I went back to Andrews and found Dr. McKeon. She said my problem was that the doctor should have sent me to occupational therapy not physical. Dr. McKeon sent me to the right therapy and at my first day they had me opening a bottle of water! I cried so hard with joy and thank God for her and still do to this day. Therapy hurt like hell, but she is the reason I have the use of my hand back today. After therapy on my hand I still couldn't straighten my thumb out or bend it downward so, Dr. McKeon went in and did a trigger release so she gave me my thumb back where i could hitch hike if i needed was a little joke she and I laughed about during the surgery.

She is my angel and I will never forget her or Waldrop for what they have done for me. Lastly, Dr. Ortega treated me twice for the frozen shoulder in both arms. He is a great doctor too!
Any other surgeries I have will only be at the Andrews Sports Medicine. I thank God for those doctors at Andrews!! They're the best :-)

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Kathleen E. McKeon, MD
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José (Jody) O. Ortega, MD
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Norman E. Waldrop, III, MD
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