Marcus Christianson

Georgiana, AL

I'm an active duty police lieutenant, firearms instructor and former Marine. It's hard to teach on the shooting range on crutches and barely able to walk 25 yards. My officers were begging me to stop hurting myself for them and retire.

When I initially went to Dr. Michael Ryan I had been on and off crutches for several years. Years ago, I had a core decompression on both hips that went bad. I could barely walk enough to get to my car and I couldn't physically bend down to reach my feet to put on and lace up my own shoes.

During my initial appointment with Dr. Ryan he advised what he thought was best and explained my options. He was honest about which options he thought would work. Unlike previous experiences with other surgeons, Dr. Ryan didn't push for surgery. However, he did suggest surgery was my best option, but we would proceed based on what I preferred to do.

Dr. Ryan has now replaced both of my hips. During both hospital stays at St. Vincent's I had the most amazing hospital nurses I've ever had during all my hospital stays in the past...and I've had plenty. They not only took of me, but took care of the family that stayed with me, especially my wife. They were careful to check on her needs too. During my physical therapy in the hospital my therapists were careful to explain what they were showing me and watched for my safety.

In addition, Dr. Ryan's staff was exceptional - very kind and caring - and they always remembered me. They were careful to explain to my wife and meet her needs to be my caregiver while I healed. The St. Vincent's orthopedic surgery pre-op staff and nurses were kind and went out of their way to check on me both prior and after my two surgeries.

I wish would have known about Andrews Sports Medicine and St. Vincent's Birmingham years ago. I am still healing from second hip replacement. I can now reach my feet, put on my own socks and shoes, pick something off the floor, get in my truck and start looking for a time to ride my Harley.

Because of Dr. Ryan and all the other exceptional healthcare staff involved, I can walk and intend to continue serving the public for more years. I can now teach on the range and play with my grandchildren. I'm going from not being able to get off the bed to being able to get down the steps to enter my house.

I'm still hurting some, still healing, learning to walk again, but I can't thank everybody enough for their professionalism and caring. I can have some quality of life and career back.