Mike Burford

Calhoun County, AL

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I am from Calhoun County and I am retired. I sold my business 10 years ago in October. I have a working farm, and I enjoy spending time with my family and grandkids. Growing up, I wasn’t into sports, but I did enjoy racing motorcycles.

In March of 2021, I was riding a horse that I owned, he was spooked, and I was bucked off. I fell on my left wrist, and it was very messed up. My fingers were swollen as well. I came to Andrews Sports Medicine and saw Dr. Kathleen McKeon. She performed a left distal radius ORIF and long finger PIP joint closed treatment without manipulation.

My experience at Andrews Sports Medicine and with Dr. McKeon was great. From walking into the appointment, to the people I met, to the follow-up appointment, it was all first class. Everyone was trained very well. I have already recommended Dr. McKeon. She was so professional! There are always incidents that happen in a workplace, and I remember interacting with many Andrews staff members. However, it is so nice to see that another organization projects professionalism and showing first-class behaviors.

My recovery process from surgery was great. It has been faster than normal. I made a 100% full recovery in no time! I went to physical therapy one time, and the occupational hand therapists showed me all the exercises I needed to do. I was able to do everything on my own at home.

Since my recovery, I have been able to continue normally with everything. After my procedure, I was able to get back on my horse and ride without difficulty. I definitely recommend Andrews Sports Medicine to everyone. Thank you, Dr. McKeon and Andrews Sports Medicine, for getting me back to doing any outdoor activity!

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Kathleen E. McKeon, MD
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