RaeLeigh Jordan

Ashford, AL

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ACL Injury/Reconstruction
Medical Icon Shoulder Injury/Condition

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I am 17 years old and I am from Ashford, AL. I have been an avid softball player since I was three years old. I participated in volleyball and basketball before my injuries. I returned to softball only because that is where my heart is. When I’m not playing softball, I love to hunt, fish, and spend time with family. 

Back in 2019, I came to Andrews and saw Dr. Colberg for my right shoulder. This pain had built up over time and it wasn’t really anything specific that caused it. I was referred to Dr. Dugas and he did the surgery on my shoulder. Then, in 2021 I came back because I had bad knee pain. I was at softball camp practicing and I slid into second base and felt my knee buckle. I saw Dr. Dugas and he did my surgery on my knee. He always made sure I was taken care of and felt comfortable. He made sure my parents and I knew what was going on and what all of the options were.

The recovery process has been hard. It is more mental than physical because I had to stop playing the sport I love for a while. That is never easy. It's definitely a mental game when you get injured and can’t play for a while. My life has slowed down a lot since my surgeries. I have had to become more dependent on others to help me. I also had to sit out junior year from sports and that was really hard because I enjoy it so much.

I would absolutely recommend Andrews and I already have! I am so grateful for Dr. Dugas and his staff, Candice at ATI in Dothan, and Development Performance Factory in Dothan for helping me regain strength and get back to what I love! I cannot thank these people enough for what they have done for me.

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Ricardo E. Colberg, MD
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Jeffrey R. Dugas, MD
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