Robby Watson

Birmingham, AL

I am an adventurous, 50-year-old and I've seen a myriad of physicians over the years. From years serving in the military to my passion of running 100-mile endurance races, my body has taken a beating. I needed some physical issues taken care of, and was luckily referred to Dr. Charles Carnel.

Within the first 5 minutes of meeting Dr. Carnel, he changed my whole life perception on what physicians “can be.” It was a WOW moment in life. Those are rare. Dr. Carnel is extremely knowledgeable. I could quickly tell by listening to him communicate with his medical assistant and also with me.

For anyone who runs, rides or swims, Dr. Carnel is well-versed in endurance sports. Our bodies perform under different stresses and he gets it. He knew more about ultra marathons than I did!

However, not only was he phenomenally talented in assessment and treatment, but THE NICEST physician I have ever met. No one comes close. If you are looking for answers without intimidation, he is your guy. 10 stars because 5 ain’t enough!

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Charles T. Carnel, MD
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