Sarah Jenkins

Montgomery, AL

Conditions + Treatments

ACL Injury/Reconstruction
Knee Replacement (Total)

I started seeing Dr. Cain more than 13 years ago. He treated me with injections and physical therapy for arthritis in both knees and worn cartilage. During the course of these years, my knees became bone on bone. Dr. Cain told me I needed to have knee replacement surgery; however, I kept prolonging the surgery because of the amount of time I would need for rehab. I could not take that much time off from work.

When I went in for synvisc injections in January 2016, I told Dr. Cain I was ready to have my left knee replaced, so we got the process started that day. February 2016, I fell and tore my ACL on the left leg. I spent four days in the hospital, seven days in rehab, and three weeks of home therapy.

On April 26, 2016, I had knee replacement surgery. Everything went well. I stood up on my leg and made some steps that day. The next day, I started physical therapy. It was a breeze. I walked and did everything that was required of me. I started out on my CPM machine, and within three days I was up to one hundred. I kept going, using my machine three times a day, two hours each time. I would also go for walks everyday.

Currently, I am seven weeks post op. I have no pain and I am walking without the aid of a walker or cane. I'm continuing my routine and strengthening exercises. I love my new knee. It has given me a better quality of life. I should have done this years ago. Dr. Cain is the best! I give all praises to him!! This was the best treatment I've received in a hospital. The staff was so caring and professional. 

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