Stan Cowley

Holly Pond, AL

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Medical Icon Hip Replacement (Anterior)

I must say I am more than ecstatic with the recovery I have had following anterior hip replacement surgery.

I credit the recovery with three things and these are important in any recovery.

FIRST, my faith in God and His hand in it is and always will be number 1. SECOND, is the quality of the surgeon and the skill that God has given him is prominent. THIRD, and last I contribute my speedy recovery with the quality of supplements that I fed my body before and after the surgery is monumental.

My body wasn't full of candida overgrowth and full of inflammation. My blood sugar was in check and my bowels were not stopped up from constipation. Plexus products help the body fulfill the potential and healing that God has instrumented in the creation of our bodies from the very beginning. I give praise to all three!!!

I was walking three hours after surgery, ditched my walker at day four, the cane at day ten and went back to work in three weeks.

At eight weeks I attended our Plexus convention in Las Vegas and must have walked 2-3 miles a day around that complex. No pain or even discomfort in the hip and kept up with all the others, no lagging behind or needing naps at all.