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Montgomery, AL

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Medical Icon Hip Replacement (Anterior)

Being a former college tennis player turned distance runner, I have always had the idea that challenges are placed in front of you to ensure two things:

1. You know you are human.

2. How deep can you dig to overcome.

In April of 2013, I completed the Nashville marathon as my latest Boston qualifying race. It was a tough day. The next day was a different story. I had some pain in my groin, but thought it to be a pulled muscle. I became even more diligent in my yoga practice and stretching routines. It did not help the issue, though.

After a move to Washington, D.C. for work, I began to see a chiropractor who was able to make me pain free after 6 months of treatment. I thought to myself at that point, "whew, glad that is done". Much to my dismay, it returned. Through the use of chiropractic care, I was able to only need anti-inflammatory medication and stretching between adjustments/distractions.

After two and half years, though, the pain was unbelievable. I pressed on though with my activities. My chiropractor had warned of a possible replacement in my future. That was a foreign idea for me. No one my age should be receiving a fake hip....well, that changed.

I had my first and second injections before I decided to see an orthopedist. My new chiropractor in Birmingham was able to get me in to see Dr. Flanagan and his team. I was told of how this new style of hip would make me better than I was prior to the injury. He told me that the injury was definitely an impact injury. Until this point, I had no real idea of why I was in such pain. I asked him if a car wreck years prior to this pain would be part of the reason. Dr. Flanagan and his team told me of the consequences of such a wreck. At that point the puzzle pieces fell into place.

As of September 2017, I have completed my first half marathon and am faster than I was before the injury. I had the surgery in January of this year, as well. With any luck, I will re-qualify for Boston at my fastest time ever. I am in no pain and am enjoying every minute of being fully active once more!

 Thank you so much to Amy, Eva, and Dr. Flanagan!!!!!

 You all ROCK!!!!

 Stephanie James