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My name is Lee Wood, and on behalf of my family, I would love to start off by thanking each doctor and their team that has helped my family get back to our best. I am a mother of three kids who were always involved in some kind of sport growing up. Their primary sports were soccer and ultimate frisbee during high school and college. I also coach the high school competitive, ultimate frisbee team and the women’s club team.

I first got involved with Andrews Sports Medicine back in 2014 when my daughter, Mary, came in for an ankle sprain that was later aggravated by torn ligaments. We had an amazing experience with Dr. Norman Waldrop. She had been injured during a game within the club season and she had hopes of playing on her high school team in the spring. We loved Dr. Waldrop a lot because he took his time to actually listen to her and understand what she wanted and what she planned to do.

We saw other doctors before coming to Andrews and many of them suggested surgery, but Dr. Waldrop didn’t. He thought we could just work on strengthening her ankle. He talked her through other options besides surgery, which the other doctors didn’t really do. When it came around the time for her to start playing again, my daughter had some reservations and anxiety, which Dr. Waldrop quickly put to rest. He ordered another MRI to make sure everyone was at ease with my daughter getting back onto the soccer field.

The next year, my son, Willis, came to Andrews during his freshman year at Appalachian State University for an injury to his right ankle. After seeing an orthopedist in North Carolina, we took him to see his primary care physician and later Andrews to see Dr. Jose Ortega for further evaluation and treatment. Luckily, his injury wasn’t terrible and after a few rounds of physical therapy and a running program, my son’s ankle felt better.

Finally, a couple of weeks ago, I returned to Andrews with my mother after an accident that left her in the ER. Dr. Michael Ryan saw us and was very timely, thorough, and respectful. He took his time to make sure he did his job correctly. My mother is healing up nicely and we are both happy with the experience Dr. Ryan gave us.

Overall, I have loved the experience I have had with Andrews Sports Medicine over the years. Whenever one of my ultimate players within the club teams has an injury, I make sure to always refer them to Andrews Sports Medicine because I know they will be taken care of quickly and correctly. I have nothing but good things to say about Andrews!


Lee Wood

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José (Jody) O. Ortega, MD
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Norman E. Waldrop, III, MD
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