Todd Shrewsbury

Leeds, AL

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Medical Icon Leg Injury/Condition

In August 2017, our family moved to Leeds, AL from Roanoke, VA. Our youngest son, Todd, is an avid 14-year-old basketball player. Todd's priorities are God first, and basketball second. He LOVES basketball!

Todd made the Leeds Middle School basketball team soon after we arrived in Alabama. Next, he chose #5 as his jersey number from one of his favorite Bible verses, Matthew 5:16. "In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven."

During practice, about two days before the season started, Todd had a lateral patellar dislocation and a strain/partial tear of the medial patellar. After 10 weeks of physical therapy, he was released from his (former) doctor.

The day he was released, he had his very last basketball game of the season that night. After coming off an injury, we did not want him going out on the court full force. We agreed that we would let him play limited minutes and limited positions.

He played up high, outside the 3-point line, no driving in, no playing defense, etc. He was very cautious, but at the same time, he was very happy to finally play in a game. In the limited time he played, approximately 5 minutes in 3 quarters, Todd swished three 3-pointers for his team. The team that he cheered for and supported at every game during his injury was now cheering for him. In the latter part of the third quarter, Todd was passed the ball to attempt another 3-pointer. However, when he stepped to shoot, he hit the ground in pain.

After a visit the next day with his (former) doctor, it was determined that he had a fractured tibia and would need surgery. We, as his parents, decided to get a second opinion. We were not sure of our chances to get in to see a doctor at Andrews Sports Medicine (going into a holiday weekend and their strong reputation knew they were very busy, needing an appointment- the same day...but we gave it a try).

After calling the office and speaking to the sweetest lady, Kirby, she was able to get Todd in to see Dr. Michael Ryan THAT AFTERNOON! From the moment we walked into the office and met them, it was a pure blessing! God led us to the best doctors, assistants, and staff to care for our son.

Dr. Ryan operated on Todd the next morning. However, Dr. Ryan was not going to let Todd be in any unbearable pain. Dr. Ryan told us that if Todd was uncomfortable to the point that he couldn't sleep just call him and he would operate on him that night. How comforting is that?

Dr. Ryan and Kirby both showed us compassion, care, and the utmost concern. As a Mom, I was so relieved when I left that office. I just knew Todd was going to be taken care of without a shadow of a doubt! And he was and still is.

Donna Shrewsbury - Todd's Mom