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Wetumpka, AL

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After 37+ years working as a mechanic and welder, my joints are pretty worn out. Over the years I have had knee replacement, hip replacement and multiple rotator cuff surgeries on both shoulders.

When I retired and moved back to Alabama in 2010, my orthopedist recommended Andrews Sports Medicine for any followup of my orthopedic issues. Dr. Ricardo Colberg has taken care of me ever since, helping me to manage the chronic pain in my shoulders and back. 

In late 2017, I started to have trouble with my hands specifically, my fingers. I have had some problem with "trigger finger" over the years and, after going through a series of excruciating injections at another practice, I decided it was something that I would live with. But my latest bout of trigger finger was more severe. It involved more fingers and the pain kept me awake at night. I would have to tape my fingers to keep them from curling up and would have to manually straighten them if they did. 

During a routine visit to Dr. Colberg for my shoulders, I mentioned the problem I was having with my hands. Dr. Colberg said, "I can fix that." And...he did!

Over a period of a few weeks, he performed a "trigger release" procedure on six fingers and my right thumb. The procedure was done in his office under local anesthetic. (I was able to watch the whole thing on the ultrasound screen!) The pain was minimal and I required no pain medication. There was some minor bruising and swelling. There was no physical therapy. 

Within a couple of days, I was back to my hobby...knife making. As a blade smith I depend on my hands for every part of the process...forging, shaping, grinding , assembly and polishing. I even hand sew the leather knife sheathes.

I was also sleeping well for the first time in months. 

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Ricardo E. Colberg, MD
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