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Knee Replacement (Total)

This letter and comments are an effort to express my sincere appreciation for a job well done. The Doctors, nurses, and especially staff at the St. Vincent’s and Andrews Sport Medicine & Orthopedic Center are the very best. I will not attempt to list all of the specific efforts on my behalf and most likely afforded all of their patients. It should suffice to state that they all enjoy their jobs. The Andrews Sports Medical group exemplifies the highest quality of patient care and communication. Deserving is a mention is the finest first class and spotlessly clean facilities anywhere.

My story begins in 2003 when a fellow Rotarian and good friend Dr. James Whiteside recommended that I take advantage of the Andrews joint review at the Troy University Football Stadium. After local x-rays and inspection, the Andrews physician stated that “you are a prime candidate for knee replacement.” Seeing that I was reluctant to proceed he suggested that physical therapy to strengthen tendons and mussels should be done. Andrews provided the paperwork to start the therapy. Everything seemed to be going well until three weeks of therapy. The knee joints became so loose and week that they began to falter. The therapist agreed that treatment was doing more harm than good and we ended the therapy.

During the next few years I proceeded to obtain lots of information about knees and cartilage. Numerous advancements were and are still occurring. At this point the thinking was if you wait long enough fixing the knees would be simpler and last longer. I proceeded to obtain opinions from additional orthopedic doctors. Each were highly recommended and national prominent. All confirmed Andrews initial findings and provide options like herbals and braces. For the past thirty plus years I have been taking a steady diet of Glucosamine Chondroitin, Boswellia, Turmeric, Hyaluronic Acid, and ABC Plus Senior Vitamins. They do seem to help and I can tell that they do something especially when not taken. Everyone is different so it is prudent to check with your doctor before you start a regiment of vitamins. Diet, weight, and exercise are also major factor in controlling joint pain. For example, I’m six foot, weigh 170 lbs., and don’t eat anything fried or spicy.

It took little research, friends, and neighbors to soon understand that Dr. Jeffery Dugas is the best orthopedic surgeon anywhere. When the best is available, epically close by, why would one go anywhere else? My case may not represent the average because of how fast and how well I have recovered after surgery. First I’ve had almost no swelling or bruising in either knee. Six weeks after the first knee I was playing a full round of golf. The second knee did as well or better. Don’t get me wrong recovery is a very painful effort, however, a fast turnaround makes facing the procedure a lot easier. Two of my younger brothers have had both knees replaced at the same time. Their decision included staying close to home and that often when one knee is done many won’t go through the procedure a second time. It’s true that once your through with physical therapy it’s over. Seeing what they went through I would never recommend the additional pain and difficulty of doing both knees at the same time.

Dr. Jeffery R. Dugas and his outstanding staff will do everything possible to make sure that your surgical experience is as comfortable as possible. Two weeks after the staples were removed half of my scar had disappeared. There was no pain associated with staple removal. All went better than could be expected in my case. I recommend that anyone considering orthopedic surgery not go on line and watch the procedure. It is not a pleasant presentation to say the least. The fact that technology has advanced to a stage that we no longer need to suffer through later years is a miracle.

My interest for sharing this experience is to let friends know where to go for the best and least painful orthopedic procedure. Don’t get me wrong this is a major and very painful experience. Thank you Dr. Dugas and staff at Andrews Sport Medicine & Orthopedic Center. One last suggestion, not all physical therapist is equally qualified, if you choose that group carefully the recovery will be less stressful and faster.

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