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With three boys who have grown up playing sports, our family has become very familiar with Andrews Sports Medicine.

For a number of years, our family has always had a first-class experience at Andrews Sports Medicine. From our oldest son, now a college football QB, breaking his back playing junior high football and being successfully treated by Dr. Andrew Cordover, to our middle son breaking his collarbone in high school football and being treated by Dr. Jose Ortega to our most recent experience this year, we've made A LOT of visits to Andrews Sports Medicine!

Our most recent experience was for our youngest son, Adyn, who is 10-years old. On Saturday, October 15, 2016 Adyn was playing QB in a regular season youth football game. Adyn was running the ball and as he was being tackled, Adyn reached out his arm to brace his fall and the tackler, whom was much bigger, landed on his right arm.

Adyn was in a lot of pain, so we immediately went to the nearest urgent care location. X-rays confirmed Adyn broke both his radius & ulna bones in his forearm.

On Monday, October 17 I called Andrews Sports Medicine first thing in the morning and they were able to schedule an appointment for later that afternoon for Dr. Jody Ortega to evaluate Adyn's injury. Dr. Ortega confirmed Adyn did break both bones and his right forearm and it was casted. On Dr. Ortega’s orders, Adyn was not able to practice or play until he was fully released by Dr. Ortega. During the next month, we had follow-up appointments with Dr. Ortega every Monday. Aydn was not allowed to practice or play in games the first two weeks. After seeing Dr. Ortega on October 31, Adyn was cleared to practice the first week of November and was cleared to play in the team’s last two games on November 5 & 12.

Thank you for helping keep our Cupp boys healthy!

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Andrew M. Cordover, MD, MS
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José (Jody) O. Ortega, MD
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