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Knee Replacement (Total)
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For several years I had chronic knee pain where the cartilage in my knee joint was wearing out. A co-worker of mine, who had shoulder surgery at Andrews Sports Medicine, recommended I see Dr. Benton Emblom for my pain and promised I would thank him later. I had previously heard great things about Dr. Emblom and his work from my cousin, so I decided to follow through and make an appointment.


By the time I got in to see Dr. Emblom, the cartilage in my knee was completely gone. I was a young, 38-year-old mother to a 7-year-old little girl. I had no energy and couldn’t even walk upstairs to my daughter’s room to play with her. I was limping everywhere. I’m a sales rep and my job requires me to get in and out of the car multiple times a day. Little things became major tasks for me and the pain affected my quality of life. It was devastating to have to go through that at such a young age.


From the moment I met Dr. Emblom I could tell he cared for me and for my condition. Because I was so young, Dr. Emblom didn’t want to rush me into having a total knee replacement right away. We tried injections and other techniques to try and alleviate the pain. When that didn’t work, Dr. Emblom immediately ordered an MRI and told me I was still really young to be having a total knee replacement. However, I knew I wanted my quality of life back and to watch my daughter grow up. With my husband's support, I decided to follow through with the total knee replacement surgery and it was a great success.


Dr. Emblom made me feel so at ease through the whole process. I had great trust in him and knew from the beginning I was in good hands. I cannot thank him enough.


My experience with Dr. Emblom and Andrews Sports Medicine was perfect. Dr. Emblom never rushed our appointments and took personal interest in me as a patient. The facility was organized and Alexis, Dr. Emblom’s clinical and surgical coordinator, was very involved with me after the procedure. She always took care of me and answered all the questions I had. It was so comforting to have them both with me through the whole process. I would refer Dr. Emblom to anyone!


I am still in physical therapy, but am now able to walk without limping or pain. It used to be a chore for me to walk up and down the stairs, but the other day I was able to go up to my daughter’s room, pick her up and hold her. I can go to work now and have no problems. I am able to do things around the house, be active at church, and spend quality time with daughter and husband like I love to do.


I have never regretted my surgery. Dr. Emblom was so great and really is a kind doctor. I never felt like I was just another patient. He truly cared for me.


Alexis once told me that she treats patients the same way she would treat her parents. That always stuck with me. I’m so happy with my experience at Andrews Sports Medicine and think the world of Dr. Emblom and his staff.

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