Amanda Smith

Dothan, AL

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Medical Icon Meniscus Tear

Several years ago, I became determined to do what I was told I couldn't do. I became determined to run a half marathon. I had never run before, but I set my eyes on a prize. After two years of training, I succeeded at running my first and I was hooked. After running my second, I knew that running was my mental break. While running, I get in a zone and feel peace and relaxation. On a youth mission trip the summer of 2015, I injured my knee. After hearing I'd never run again, I became determined to get back in my running shoes. 

On December 18, 2015, Dr. Emblom performed a lateral band release, cleaned up scar tissue and my meniscus. Dr. Emblom got to know my personality. He could see the determination in me and even told my physical therapist to step it up. I'm excited to say that I'm back to running shape. I'm biking up to 30 miles a week and training to run another Disney Half Marathon in January 2017. 

My mother witnessed my success and was determined to get her knee fixed also. She had a total knee replacement six weeks ago by Dr. Emblom, and her therapy is coming along splendidly. Andrews Sports Medicine has become like family to us. So much so that my 82-year-old grandfather will have his shoulder replaced this week by Dr. Emblom. Determination to live our days out to their max runs in our genes. 

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Benton A. Emblom, MD
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