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May of 2015 I exacerbated arthritis in my right hip while working the my yard. After almost three months of increasing pain and movement restriction that was killing my golf game I was diagnosed by a local orthopedic doctor and took water therapy and home exercises. Short-term relief and no help with my golf! 

In late October my hip basically locked up, after a round of pathetic golf, with pain so intense I could not walk upright. I literally had to crawl and butt scoot down stairs! That evening I researched Andrews web site and read the bio on Dr. Jeff Davis. I was very impressed with his experience level as well as his personal life and family information. 

A consultation visit the next week validated the need for a new hip and Dr. Davis was just the surgeon to perform this procedure. What a comfort to have your surgeon pray for you and ask God for guidance prior to surgery. My surgery, anterior replacement, was performed on Nobember 9, 2015. I was walking without any aid (walker or cane) in less than three weeks. 

I am now at six months post op and have been gradually getting my golf game back! I actually started playing again at about three months. Dr. Davis and Katie Beckham are fantastic medical professionals. I have and will continue to refer my friends and family to their expert care. As a matter of fact, my wife is now just five weeks post op after Dr. Davis replaced her left hip. She was walking with no aid at TEN days! By the way, we are enjoying a few days at the beach! I am thankful God led me to Dr. Jeffery Davis!

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