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My name is Bradley Thompson, and I am a senior at Luverne High School in Luverne, Alabama. I play baseball and football, and I am the punter and offensive lineman for my high school team.

In August of 2021, I changed schools entering my junior year. During our first football practice, I went to kick a field goal and I felt my right, hip pop. My family doctor figured out that it was an avulsion fracture to my right hip. I went to physical therapy right away and did several visits. I had to sit out 4 games before I could play again.

Fast forward to October. I was kicking in a game and my hip popped again. I knew something was wrong, but decided to play the rest of the game. I didn’t say anything to my parents at the time. After the game was over, I saw my friends and got pictures with everyone. The next morning, I knew something was severely wrong with my hip.

The game was on Friday night and that next Monday, we went to Troy University to ATI Physical Therapy where we met with the doctors from Andrews Sports Medicine. The doctors recommended and quickly referred me to hip specialist, Dr. Benton Emblomwho informed me that I had an avulsion fracture, two torn muscles and a bone that was unattached. I had surgery that Wednesday.

Dr. Emblom was amazing! He took time to explain my injury in great detail, and gave me specific steps to take to insure a successful recovery. Dr. Emblom explained that because I am a left-handed pitcher and I lift my right leg to pitch, that he anticipated that I wouldn’t be able to play my junior year of baseball. However, I kept up the hard work with physical therapy, and was able to play baseball my entire junior season after all!

The recovery from surgery was long and rough with all the work I had to put in. I started physical therapy the day after my surgery. I wanted to go support my team, so I came in a wheelchair to cheer them on. The recovery was definitely very mental for me. I had to miss the rest of my football season.

Overall, the surgery was great! I have had no pain since then and I was able to get back to everything fairly quickly. My senior season I was able to kick and punt all year. My stats were 31 punts for 1,296 yards for a 41.8-yard average. I was invited to go on recruiting visit to Huntingdon College and my coach submitted my name to be on the Alabama All-State team. 

Thank you to Andrews Sports Medicine and Dr. Emblom for helping me obtain Victory Over Injury!

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