Brady Barnett

Brewton, AL

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Medical Icon Hip Labral Tear

In September of 2013, I knew something was wrong with my hip. I could remember a possible time of the accident, but couldn't know for sure. After an MRI at my local hospital, we knew I needed more extensive tests and treatment. 

We visited Andrew Sports Medicine and saw Dr. Emblom. He was fantastic and made us at ease with the process we were about to start. After MRI's and Xrays, he determined that a procedure was inevitable and we set a date for the surgery. He thought it was a problem with a tendon, and there was a possible labral tear. When he met with my parents after the surgery, he told them that there had been a significant tear and no wonder I had been hurting! 

I was a Jr. at Winfield High School and had been playing basketball for years. I gave up my Jr. season to have the surgery to be ready for softball. My team had claimed the 3A State Runner-Up title the previous year. I knew we would be in contention and wanted to be ready! 

Thanks to Dr. Emblom, I was back in shape and ready for the season! We won the 3A State Softball Championship that season and I couldn't have reached that goal without the care of Dr. Emblom and Andrews Sports Medicine!! Thank you for helping me make my dream come true!!

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Benton A. Emblom, MD
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