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In July of 2018, our family was on vacation in Destin, Florida. We were on the beach enjoying ourselves when I tried to jump a "giant wave" and I awkwardly landed on my left ankle. As soon as my left ankle hit the sand I felt a pop on the outer edge of my ankle.

I immediately knew my injury wasn't minor, so we went to a local ER in Destin. The ER doc placed me in an ankle brace, provided me crutches and recommended I see a local orthopaedic doctor as soon as we returned home. I spent the remainder of vacation on crutches.

As soon as we got home, I made an appointment with a local orthopaedic surgeon. He diagnosed me with a severe ankle sprain and recommended physical therapy. I completed four weeks of physical therapy; however, I was still experiencing achy, constant pain that worsened with standing and walking.

During a follow-up appointment with the orthopaedic surgeon, he stated that I would never be able to wear high heels again due to my ankle injury. Don't judge me for being vain, but I love wearing my high heels! Hearing those words motivated me to get a second opinion!

At that point, I decided to call Andrews Sports Medicine. I explained my situation to one of the schedulers and she recommended I see Dr. Jay Umarvadia at Andrews location in Gardendale. Prior to my appointment, as recommended by the scheduler, I requested all of my chart notes from the previous ortho be sent to Andrews office.

During my appointment with Dr. Umarvadia, he suspected a possible peroneal tendon tear and recommended I get an MRI. Dr. Umarvadia stated that if the MRI showed a tear, he was going to request Andrews foot & ankle specialist, Dr. Norman Waldrop, to review the MRI and consult. In the meantime, Dr. Umarvadia recommended rest, rice and anti-inflammatories for pain, as needed. 

A few days after my MRI, Dr. Umarvadia's staff called with the results of my MRI - unfortunately, I had suffered a peroneal tendon dislocation. His staff then assisted me in scheduling an appointment with Dr. Waldrop.

The following week, I had my first appointment with Dr. Waldrop for Wednesday, September 11. Honestly, I was very nervous going into my appointment because I had a very strong feeling I was going to need surgery.

When Dr. Waldrop entered my exam room, he immediately came over and set right beside me. I'm not sure if he does that with every patient, but this made me very calm and amazingly at ease. Maybe he had an intuition that the news he was about to deliver to me was going to be difficult...I don't know.

At that point, Dr. Waldrop delivered the news that I was going to need surgery. We had a lengthy discussing and he recommended a surgical procedure known as peroneal tendon fibular groove deepening and repair. Dr. Waldrop thoroughly explained the risks, benefits and alternatives to the surgery. Our discussion even included me asking if I would ever be able to wear high heels again. Dr. Waldrop confidently stated that once I was 100% recovered that I could wear my high heels!

Knowing the surgery was inevitable, I decided then and there to proceed with surgery the following Monday (maybe I wanted to schedule the surgery very soon so I didn't have time to think about it!).

Dr. Waldrop did an amazing job with my surgery! During my recovery I never took any of the prescribed pain medication. I was on crutches for a few weeks.

When I went for my first physical therapy appointment at Champion Sports Medicine in Gardendale, my therapist, Andrew, asked me who performed my surgery, I told him Dr. Waldrop. Andrew quickly shoot back "You're going to do great. I can tell a difference in Dr. Waldrop's patients. You're going to recover 100% no problem if you stay compliant with his instructions."

Over the next several months, I had extensive physical therapy and five follow-up appointments with Dr. Waldrop and his staff. At each appointment, Dr. Waldrop was happy with my progress and motivated me to stay the course.

I am excited to report that I am now 100% recovered from my injury...and I am back to wearing my much-beloved high heels.

Thank you to Dr. Waldrop calming my nerves and for an amazing recovery!


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Jay S. Umarvadia, MD
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Norman E. Waldrop, III, MD
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