Carol Stephens

Gadsden, AL

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Knee Replacement (Total)
Medical Icon Meniscus Tear

First, let me say Dr. Jeffrey Davis is amazing! A great surgeon and Christian.

Over a year ago, I tripped over a hose pipe and tore my meniscus and I also had a stress fracture in my knee. I was about to have surgery but I had other problems with my esophagus so I had to put off knee surgery. After walking on my knee for a year after my injury, it became bone on bone and Dr. Davis said there wasn't even a meniscus left anymore. This caused so much pain so I had to have it fixed.

On July 20, 2020, Dr. Davis gave me a new knee. The day I had surgery, I walked out into the hall and also did a lot of exercises with physical therapy. I worked very hard doing everything they asked me to do. I was discharged the day after surgery. I had home health care at home and did everything they asked me to do, and more. I kept my knee moving.

Within one to one and a half weeks, I was cooking for my family and doing light house work. I used a walker for 2 weeks after surgery and I didn't have to use anything after that. When I went back for my first follow-up visit 3 weeks after surgery, Dr. Davis and all of his clinical staff were impressed. I didn't need help with a walker or a cane.

First, you need a wonderful doctor, which Dr. Davis is absolutely the best! Second, you need to do everything they tell you to. Will it hurt? Yes! But it is temporary. Just don't overdo it.

I'm so grateful that I found Dr. Davis. With him and our good Lord above, I have a much better knee and can walk so much better. Thank you so much Dr. Jeffrey Davis and to all the amazing staff and nurses at Andrews Sports Medicine and Ascension St. Vincent's Birmingham.

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