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Columbiana, AL

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My name is Carter Sheehan and I am a 2023 graduate of Shelby County High School. I played football and baseball throughout high school. My senior year, I was playing in our homecoming game and we were in the 2nd quarter. During the play, there wasn’t a flag thrown so we kept playing. I was running down the field and I got hit in the legs up top. My left leg snapped all the way around. I broke my tibia and fibula.

They rushed me to the hospital and we saw Dr. Christopher Beaumont. He was the on-call doctor that night in the ER. Seeing him was the best experience I have had with a doctor. He cared about me and my injury and wanted to see me get better. He has a good heart and was by my side the whole way through.

He knew what I was going through and didn’t stop until I was better. My recovery was very hard. I had to work hard and push through so I could get better. With the help of physical therapy and Dr. Beaumont, I was able to get through it. My whole recovery took about 1 year. Within 5 months of the recovery, I was cleared to walk at my senior night for football and start back up.

My recovery was definitely a miracle from the Lord! I had a lot of people by my side and supporting me through the process. It was very hard both mentally and physically but with all of the support, it made it easier. I would not be where I am today without it.

My coaches, Dr. Beaumont, my physical therapists, and my family are all the reason I am able to play the sports I love again. Thank you to Andrews Sports Medicine and Dr. Beaumont for getting me back in the game and helping me achieve Victory Over Injury!

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Christopher M. Beaumont, MD
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