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I grew up in Montgomery, but I currently live in Millbrook, AL. I played football all throughout high school (Alabama Christian Academy) and have always loved athletics. That love was perpetuated when I furthered my education at the University of Alabama. While there (02-07), I had the opportunity to be a part of the Crimson Tide football team, via the athletic training staff.

During the course of my work, I had the esteemed privilege to get to know Dr. Andrews. Additionally, my five-season stent in Tuscaloosa afforded me the opportunity to form a friendship with Dr. Lyle Cain, and that’s what spurred my decision to go to Andrews Sports Medicine in the first place.

All my life, I've grown up knowing that Andrews Sports Medicine is around and I am very fortunate to have that practice “in my backyard." In September of 2014, I was honored to have WBRC come to Millbrook and film an interview with me, nine years after I roamed the sidelines with the Crimson Tide, following the release of my book "The Crimson Dream."

In the Spring of 2007, one of the first signs of my neurological problems surfaced. I was at Fenway Park (Boston) and I got a little dizzy after looking up in the sky. With college graduation quickly approaching, I was in denial of the possibility that something could be wrong.

Over the next several years, numerous diagnoses, coupled with a myriad of treatments were labeled and performed, but, sadly to no avail. Ultimately in July of 2014, my neurologist informed me that there was an inflammatory process in my brain where healthy cells have attacked the cells of this all-important organ. My condition, known as "CLIPPERS Disease" has left me with impaired speech and balance. Moreover, the, "What caused it?" question has yet to be answered.

My hip pain started back around March of 2015. I’m not great at acting on things right when I notice them. That said, my nature is not to procrastinate. However, to my detriment, I tend to do so, with respect to my health. I can give you many hypotheses of why this is the case, but, frankly, I don't know. 

Circling back to my hip pain, I initially talked to Dr. Cain about my hip pain in late 2015. Per his advice, my next step was an appointment with non-surgical physician, Dr. Jody Ortega, who then referred me to Dr. Jeffrey Davis.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, I later found out that Dr. Davis and I are fellow members at Church of the Highlands. His relationship with God, combined with his quality work as a surgeon, instills both trust and peace with him and his staff. On the morning of my first hip replacement, he asked to pray with me before my procedure, it’s a good thing I was lying down because I almost hit the floor (in a good way) because I didn’t know it was coming, but pleasantly surprised.

 When I went for my annual check-up in May of 2016, following the right hip replacement, I was having some slight discomfort with my left hip. I asked Dr. Davis what the potential was for him to have to do my left hip as well. He said it was about a 50/50. Then, at my annual check-up in May of 2017 (last year), I asked Dr. Davis to perform an x-ray on my left hip, he did so, and proceeded to tell me that the femoral head of my left hip had collapsed and he’d have to do the same procedure. He ended things by letting me know I’d be the best person to decide when the optimal time to have the operation would be. I then let out a sarcastic snicker. 

In February of 2018 I finally arrived at the decision to have the surgery. Looking back, I probably should’ve had the operation a few months earlier, but I lead a small group and didn’t want to interrupt that with the surgery. There was a big conference I wanted to make it to, which was something Dr. Davis was sympathetic (not saying he agreed) being so familiar with his wife’s involvement in the same ministry, albeit in Birmingham. So I told Carol (Dr. Davis’s surgical scheduler) we could do it any time after the conference. 

Prior to the procedure, I told Dr. Davis that I needed this surgery sooner and that it was probably pretty bad in there. On the heels of the operation, Dr. Davis told me, once he had gotten in there, it had gotten so bad that there was almost nothing there (femoral head). I use a walker to walk right now, for my mobility, and that piece of equipment was pivotal  in allowing me to elongate the weeks leading up to the operation  because I was able to transfer my pain to the walker. I am confident that the lack of the said device would have resulted in my inability to walk and a sooner operation.

The Andrews Sports Medicine name has always been synonymous with quality and you always know that the physicians seen are the best in the business. As an outsider and a patient, I have gotten to see the sheer number of patients that come through the facility on a daily basis, and that observation alone, illustrates the fact that, that sentiment is echoed by individuals on the highest form of sports all the way down the spectrum to the weekend warriors are all treated fairly and equally.

Hypothetically speaking, Dr. Davis may see me one moment and then five minutes later l, evaluating world-renowned MLB player. It paints a picture, and you can see God’s favor in growing this practice. The power and expertise of Andrews Sports Medicine has truly been seen throughout the world. I think we really take it for granted, having such a quality practice right here in Birmingham, AL. You don’t use it until you need it, but, man, you’re glad it’s there!!

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