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My first experience with Andrews Sports Medicine was in the Spring of 2017. We were deep into the spring practice schedule when I started experiencing some sharp pain and discomfort in my lower abdomen and groin muscles frequently. 

Our Crimson Tide athletic trainers’ recommended I see one of our team doctors, Dr. Benton Emblom, for the issue. During my initial evaluation with Dr. Emblom, he explained that I could potentially have a sports hernia that may have resulted from constant bending and changing of direction, typically seen from pass rushers.

After ordering and reviewing my MRI, Dr. Emblom confirmed I had suffered two sports hernias that would require bilateral sports hernia surgery to repair the damage. Following a successful surgery, I spent weeks attacking the rehab process with our Crimson Tide PT team. Thanks to the outstanding collective efforts of Dr. Emblom and our athletic training staff, I was able to make it back for our summer workouts, which was a critical time for me as I was competing for the starting outside linebacker position.”

On September 2, we played Florida State in the opening game of the 2017 season. I earned a starting position as an outside linebacker and went to make a routine tackle late in the game. I got up and felt like something was wrong with my elbow and I wanted to play through it but as I continued playing, the pain just got worse. It was excruciating whether I was pronating or supinating my elbow. Once our team's athletic trainer attended to me on the field, our head team doctor, Dr. Lyle Cain, evaluated me on the sideline. Unfortunately, Dr. Cain had to break the news to me that I had completely torn my left bicep and would require season-ending surgery.

The injury was a huge blow. I knew that in order to get back to playing again, I would have to put in major work. Not only was recovery physically challenging, but mentally. The long hours put into getting back to full health were grueling. The support and encouragement from Dr. Cain and everyone involved in my recovery process, from Jeff Allen and Jeremy Gsell, to the entire Crimson Tide Sports Medicine team helped tremendously.

What was deemed a season-ending injury, only lasted 10 games. I was able to return for the Iron Bowl versus Auburn. We made it to the National Championship against Georgia where I completed a sack and we went on to win 26-23.

This was largely in part due to the highly qualified professionals and work of Andrews Sports Medicine. They went above and beyond in nursing me back to health, and ultimately getting me back on the field to compete at the highest level to win a National Championship.

After graduating from the University of Alabama, I entered the 2019 NFL Draft and was a 4th round pick of the Carolina Panthers. After my playing career came to an end, I transitioned to a career in sports media. I now enjoy spending my weekdays with my dad, Corey Miller, co-hosting a Tuscaloosa-based radio show, called The Millers' Edge.

I am so thankful to Dr. Cain and Dr. Emblom for helping me achieve my dreams. Andrews Sports Medicine is top-notch with the best professionals in the country. I 100% recommend Andrews Sports Medicine to friends, family, and anyone who wants the best medical care!

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