Clint Enfinger

Ashford, AL

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Medical Icon Spine Injury/Condition

After six back surgeries, I was beginning to think lumbar back pain was here to stay. During my first visit with Dr. Andrew Cordover, he ordered testing to determine the cause of my lumbar back pain and tingling/numbness in my legs and feet. The problem was identified, and after reviewing with Dr. Cordover, surgery was scheduled.

In pre-op, all individuals involved in my surgery came in and explained their part of the surgery. This gesture helped my wife understand and gave her a peaceful feeling before surgery. When returning to the hospital room after surgery, all the nurses and St. Vincent's hospital staff were awesome. The hospital staff successfully managed my pain. Kudos to Andrews Sports Medicine and St Vincent's Hospital.

I am rehabbing and healing well. I am already back on the saltwater with friends and family fishing and enjoying life. I can actually sit and watch my grandkids play a baseball game without suffering from back pain. Dr. Cordover and staff are AWESOME!!!! 

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Andrew M. Cordover, MD, MS
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