Cole Collins

Hanceville, AL

Conditions + Treatments

Medical Icon Broken Arm
Medical Icon Tommy John Surgery (UCL Reconstruction)

Our family is so grateful for Dr. Benton Emblom & Dr. Lyle Cain. Cole received 4 surgeries within 3 1/2 years.

The second time he broke his arm, he had reconstructive surgery to replace the rods and screws from the previous surgery. Dr. Emblom was gracious enough to ask if we were okay with Dr. Cain assisting him during surgery; of course we said, YES! We felt so blessed that God sent us to the BEST doctors whom took excellent care of Cole. They were determined, as was Cole, to get him back to the game of baseball that he loves.

Cole suffered another serious injury his junior year during a showcase he attended in the fall. Cole tore his UCL during the showcase. As you might imagine, Cole was devastated to hear the news. Dr. Emblom took great care of Cole, assuring him that he would be able to play his Junior and Senior year, as long as he could tolerate the pain. He assured Cole that he would still be able to swing a bat without causing anymore damage to his arm. Cole played 2 seasons with a torn UCL and decided that he would wait until after his senior year to have the surgery. Cole's senior year was an awesome year, to say least. Cole was awarded 6A hitter of the year, Super All-State, All-American along with many more accolades. The best one of all was winning a State Championship with his team.

Our family truly believes that with the help of Dr. Emblom, and Dr. Cain, Cole was able to continue playing baseball. God held the hands of Dr. Emblom and Dr. Cain as each operation was performed. Cole is now a freshman at Wallace State Hanceville where he plays second base.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank God for these doctors, along with their awesome team of therapists. Thank you for all your help with Cole. He felt safe and secure due to the confidence he was shown by Dr. Emblom and Dr. Cain during each of his surgeries. May God continue to bless this great team of doctors and therapists as they continue to help others.

Sincerely, Penny Collins (Cole’s Mom)

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