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Knee Replacement (Total)

When my right knee really became chronically painful last year, my choice of doctors was easy!  

Dr. Jeffrey Davis had successfully performed my left hip resurfacing four years ago and it has functioned very well since that time. After an exam, radiographs, and an MRI, Dr. Davis and I decided that the most predictable choice of treatment options was a total knee replacement.  

I had torn the ACL in this knee in 1981 and had an arthroscopy to clean out the fragments but not an ACL reconstruction. Dr. Davis and I prayed before the surgery and the replacement was very successful.  His conservative approach was able to preserve my other 3 ligaments (MCL, LCL, PCL) which added to my joint stability. My physical therapy and overall recovery went well ahead of schedule. 

My progress cycling, weightlifting, and walking has amazed me. I would highly recommend Dr. Davis to anyone considering knee or hip surgery!

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