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Birmingham, AL

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Knee Replacement (Total)

I am in my early 80's and have played competitive (i.e., tournament) tennis since I was twelve years old.  I began to experience knee pain sometime during 2018 due to deterioration in my left knee, which was probably caused by a combination of the many years of playing competitive tennis and an old high school football injury.  After having a couple of shots in the knee during that year to provide temporary relief, the pain increased to the extent that it became necessary to stop playing completely early in 2019.

I began to talk with friends and fellow tennis competitors to obtain suggestions for a surgeon who specialized in knee replacement surgery.  Several people with whom I talked had positive comments about Andrews Sports Medicine and, more specifically, Dr. David Moore.  I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Moore, who determined after an x-ray that my knee had deteriorated to a "bone-on-bone" condition.  He also suggested that I was a prime candidate for knee replacement surgery.  Because of Dr. Moore's busy schedule, it was necessary for me to wait a month (until early June) for the surgery, but the positive results were well worth the wait.

After about 8 weeks of recovery I was able to return to the tennis courts to hit practice balls.  As the weeks passed, I was able to regain strength in the knee steadily and to increase mobility on the tennis court.  In October of that year (just four and one-half months after the surgery) I played in the Alabama State Closed Tennis Tournament and won my age division.  Progress has continued steadily to the point that I have almost totally recovered both speed and agility on the tennis courts.  I have been VERY pleased with the results thus far and look forward to returning to a fuller schedule of tournament play in the months ahead.

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K. David Moore, MD
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