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My name is Faith Cofer, and I am from Birmingham, AL. I am a freshman at Oak Mountain High school, and I play softball and cheer. My high school softball coach is Jordan Burson. I also play softball for the Prospects 16 U travel team and my coach is Matt Adams.

I was born with bad bilateral bunions on both feet. It was very severe and caused my big toes to point towards my pinky toes. We are very good friends of Dr. Emily Bell Casey and she had seen me for the past 4 years about this issue. She monitored the growth plates and wanted to make sure they were closed before referring me for surgery.

I have been living with this pain ever since I started playing softball in 8 U. I was playing in a state tournament in 8 U and we were out on the field from 8:00 am until midnight. It was such a long day and I remember sitting on my dad’s lap crying from the amount of pain I had in my feet. 

We went back to see Dr. Casey at the end of the summer last year. She reevaluated me and determined I would need surgery. We knew Dr. Charles Pitts would be coming to Andrews Sports Medicine shortly after my visit. We wanted to wait on him for the surgery because we had heard great things about him. Dr. Casey referred me to see Dr. Charles Pitts. I was scheduled to have surgery on December 13th, 2022.

We looked at doing one foot at a time for surgery but due to cheer and softball, I wanted to get back in the game quicker. I decided to have surgery on both feet at the same time.

Due to my surgery, I am missing the cheer season this year. I thought it would be best to take a year off and recover to be ready for softball. It was definitely a mental struggle for me. I am so independent and love the sports I play so it has been hard not getting to do much. I had to sit out and watch my teammates. I wanted to play but I knew if I waited, I would be back to it soon.

During my recovery, I took online classes while I rehabbed. I stayed disciplined and kept my grades up. Even though it was a hard recovery, Dr. Pitts and Dr. Casey were both so amazing through the process! Because of their help and the support of my family, I was able to recover fast.

I have been pain free for the first time in a long time and I was able to play the last 5 weeks of my softball season! I even hit my first home run! I would absolutely recommend Andrews Sports Medicine! My brother has been here for a past injury and coming in with my condition, I knew they would take good care of me. Thank you to Andrews Sports Medicine, Dr. Pitts and Dr. Casey for helping me achieve Victory Over Injury!

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Emily Bell Casey, MD.
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Charles C. Pitts, Jr., MD
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