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Atlanta, GA

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In August of 2016, after experiencing severe pain and loss of strength from what I thought was a groin pull, I finally visited Andrews Sports Medicine two years after my initial injury. I had previously visited doctors where I live in Atlanta, but none of them had recommendations for the cause of pain or relief of my symptoms. 

After not being able to run, play baseball or swing a golf club, I was examined by Dr. Benton Emblom. He immediately recognized the injury and I underwent sports hernia surgery the following week. 

Dr. Emblom re-attached the adductor brevis, adductor longus and rectus abdominus in a procedure that lasted less than an hour. I had zero pain following the surgery, did not require crutches and took little to no pain medication. I began physical therapy the week following the surgery in August and was playing tournament baseball again in November 2017. 

Additionally, I injured my right shoulder diving for a flyball in the outfield in May 2019. I was in extreme pain and could no longer throw a baseball overhand. Based on the phenomenal results I had with my sports hernia surgery, I once again made the decision to leave Atlanta to have my shoulder treated in Birmingham.

Dr. Emblom confirmed I had a rotator cuff tear and I had successful rotator cuff repair surgery in June 2019. After some extensive physical therapy, I was able to successfully return to the diamond and course ahead of schedule.

I can't say enough about the quality of Dr. Emblom and his team at Andrews Sports Medicine. I didn't want to stop my activities at age 58 and 62 respectively. I am very grateful they have been able to help me achieve victory over injury and active on the baseball field and golf course!

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