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My name is Hunter Ellis and I am 15 years old. I’m from Lynn, Alabama and I’m a freshman at Lynn High School. I have played sports my whole life and I love it. I play football, basketball and baseball and my dad coached my travel baseball team. This past fall, I played on the JV team as fullback and outside linebacker, and on the varsity team as tight end and outside linebacker.

It was Friday, October 14 and we were playing our homecoming football game against Berry. We were up 42-10 and I went for the interception on the 12 yard line. I got the interception and ran about 4-5 yards. I was tackled and when I came down, I felt a snap in my leg.

My dad immediately ran onto the field. He knew what had happened. My dad motioned for my mom to come out on the field too. They loaded me into the car and we immediately drove to Birmingham and the Ascension St. Vincent's ER. We very relieved that the on-call ortho doctor in the ER that night was Dr. Christopher Beaumont with Andrews Sports Medicine.

After some x-rays, Dr. Beaumont confirmed I had snapped my tibia and fibula in my left leg, and recommended surgery as soon as possible, so I could begin the healing process. Dr. Beaumont asked me, “What is your goal?” I said, “I want to be back for baseball season.” He told me that it was very realistic and we could definitely reach it. I was admitted into the hospital that night and the next morning I had surgery. Dr. Beaumont put in a rod from my knee to my ankle and 4 screws.

Unfortunately, I had to sit out of basketball season, which was difficult, because I am used to always playing sports. However, my overall recovery was great. I went to ATI in Jasper, AL for physical therapy. I started doing therapy about 2 weeks out of surgery.

I saw Dr. Beaumont again for a follow-up on January 11 and he cleared me to play baseball in the upcoming season. My recovery was a total of 3 months and wasn’t too bad mentally. Physically, I had to work at it so I could regain my strength. I had to trust my leg and work hard to get back to where I was.

I am so grateful to Dr. Beaumont and Andrews Sports Medicine. They are the best of the best and my parents and I trust their care. Thank you Dr. Beaumont for helping me achieve victory over injury!

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