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Birmingham, AL

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Knee Replacement (Total)

Born in Rome, I attended Georgia State University and the University of Alabama, where I received my Ph.D. from the Graduate Business School. I have lived in Birmingham, Alabama, for the last 40 years and have worked in corporate for many years. 

About 25 years ago, I co-founded ROI Institute and currently serve as board chairman. ROI Institute helps organizations see the value in what they do, including financial ROI. We travel, consult, speak, and write all about it all. I spend a lot of time traveling and teaching on this topic.

I had been having pain in my right knee for quite some time. The cartilage had been worn down due to a lot of physical activity. We have a house in North Georgia, and we like to hike and walk. The last few years, my knee pain hindered my enjoyment of the outdoors. 

The pain kept getting worse and worse and I tried several things apart from surgery. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Chris Carter to get a non-surgical opinion. He referred me to Dr. Marc Rothermich. Before the surgery, I had done everything from gel shots to therapy in hopes the pain would subside. 

This past summer, I took a trip to Arkansas about a week before my knee replacement surgery. I had trouble walking and I experienced a lot of pain. During the trip, I had 100% affirmation that i had made the appropriate decision to proceed with a knee replacement. 

I had total knee replacement surgery on my right knee on August 8, 2022. Dr. Rothermich was great! He is a very delightful person, and he has excellent attention to detail and care. 

My recovery process has been great! I have been on a regular therapy schedule and have noticed that I am recovering faster than I expected. My therapists all agree that I’m ahead of schedule. The key is to follow the process. About six weeks after my surgery, I took a trip to Dubai with my company to teach and speak at a conference. I presented two keynote speeches without using a cane, and I was able to walk without pain in a long time.

Since my surgery, there has been no pain. Of course, with any surgery, comes some discomfort here and there but the pain is mostly gone! It has definitely made life a lot easier. I can walk up the stairs and get around just fine without using a cane. 

I highly recommend Andrews Sports Medicine! Their quality of care and the staff’s attention is amazing. I was worried about what might happen when I had to have surgery, but they reassured me that this is completely normal. 

Surgery can be a very traumatic event, but they were very attentive to my needs and helped me understand everything. Thank you to Dr. Rothermich and Andrews Sports Medicine for getting me back to normal! 

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