Janet Keener

Attalla, AL

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Medical Icon Hip Replacement (Anterior)

In the past, I had a posterior hip replacement on my right hip. This was done by a different group and hospital. I wasn’t pleased with the results.

When I was told I needed surgery on my left hip, I researched and was given Dr. Jeffrey Davis’ name. After my initial appointment, I felt I had the right surgeon.

Dr. Davis did an anterior hip replacement on my left hip approximately 3 months ago. While I was waiting to be rolled back for surgery, Dr. Davis visited my pre-op room and offered to pray with me, which I gladly accepted. That small gesture was very impactful and reassuring.

Within 3 weeks I was able to be back at church and most activities. Dr. Davis did a fantastic job and I followed his instructions completely. I have no hip pain now and I'm back in the gym exercising.

Thank you Dr. Davis! I will be forever grateful!

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Dr. Jeffrey Davis
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