Joel and Eileen Chelewski

McCalla, AL


My family and I moved to Birmingham about 25 years ago from Brooklyn, New York. We love the Alabama culture and all the people here.

A few years back, I started having pain in my right hip from arthritis and visited an orthopaedic practice to get an opinion on what to do. The practice did x-rays and saw I not only had a bad right hip, but a bad left hip too. The practice suggested injections and I received those a couple of times, but felt no relief.

The pain got so bad that I started limping and knew it was time to have joint replacement surgery on my right hip. I moved forward with joint replacement of my right hip, but my experience at the orthopaedic practice wasn’t as good as it could have been.

Although I knew I needed to also get my left hip replaced, I put it off for years because I was scared I would have another negative experience. I knew about Andrews Sports Medicine because my husband had been going there for his knee and loved Dr. Jeffrey Davis and his staff. During one of my husband’s appointments, I asked Dr. Davis if he could perform my hip surgery. He said he would be honored and made an appointment for me right away.

Dr. Davis recommended he replace my left hip with the assistance of the Mako Robototic-Arm Assisted Technology being utilized by he and Andrews Sports Medicine. On January 22, 2018, Dr. Davis performed my procedure and afterwards, I could immediately tell a difference between my right and left hip.

After my right hip replacement from the other practice, I couldn’t move my leg. The rehab was slow because the pain was so bad that I couldn’t perform the appropriate exercises. It took months longer to get back to doing simple tasks like bending over and tying my shoe, compared to my surgery done by Dr. Davis and the Mako System.

After my left hip procedure with the Mako System, I was able to immediately get out of bed and soar through my recovery exercises. I was pretty self-sufficient my whole time in recovery. The greatest benefit was that Dr. Davis was able to correct my leg length issue. I could bend over and put my own shoes on, which had a lot to do with the precision of the Mako System.

My husband and I are so pleased with the way Dr. Davis performed both of our surgeries. Aside from his expertise, he has an incredible bedside manner. He said a prayer for me before I went into surgery, which lifted everything off of me. He is not only a great person, but a great doctor.

It’s been six weeks since my surgery at Andrews Sports Medicine and I’ve been running three miles on the treadmill and am back at work. For my husband and I, there is a huge difference in quality of life.

At Andrews Sports Medicine, it isn’t just the physician that drives the experience, it’s the entire staff. Everyone I met was friendly, kind, and compassionate making the experience amazing. Katie, the PA, is amazing too and is a great asset to the whole team. Everyone was just fantastic.


Over fifteen years ago, I had a work-related injury in my right knee, bringing me to Andrews Sports Medicine. I saw Dr. Davis who performed an arthroscopy.

In October of 2015 I ended up having my left knee replaced by Dr. Davis. The replacement surgery he performed went so well that I went back to see him to get my original injured right knee replaced.

Dr. Davis recommended I have my right knee replaced with the assistance of the new Mako Robototic-Arm Assisted Technology being utilized by he and Andrews Sports Medicine.

Both procedures by Dr. Davis went amazing, however, the procedure done on my right knee, with the assistance of the Mako Technology, went especially well. Today, I never have any problems with my knee and it feels almost brand new.

Weeks after the surgery, it snowed in Alabama and I was outside making a snowman with my granddaughter! Being so active after surgery actually got my wife excited for her procedure! She was so impressed by Andrews Sports Medicine and Dr. Davis’s work.

I have been going to see Dr. Davis for over 15 years now and have never once had a negative experience. I have only positive things to say about Dr. Davis, his staff and the Andrews Sports Medicine practice.