Larry Eads

Carbon Hill, AL

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Knee Replacement (Total)

I have a small farm in Carbon Hill, AL where I raise cows and grow hay. Everything on the farm requires me to use my knees, so I started having a lot of issues over time because of my arthritis.

A few years ago, I had my right knee replaced by an orthopaedic surgeon in our area. When I started feeling similar pain in my left knee, I knew I wanted to visit a different doctor for the surgery, hoping for a better experience.

I was familiar with Andrews Sports Medicine because my wife is the office manager for an office in Winfield, where Dr. Wayne McGough sees patients every Wednesday. My wife suggested I see Dr. McGough for my left knee pain so I decided to make an appointment with him.

I first began seeing Dr. McGough for knee injections to ease the pain. However, Dr. McGough told me that my knee was worn out from arthritis and that I needed a knee replacement. He wasn’t pushy about the surgery, he let me decide. That is one of my favorite things about my visit with him.

Dr. McGough would come into my waiting room, sit on the stool, and intently listen to me as I described the pain I was feeling. Even the times I saw him before my surgery and needed injections, he was excellent at administering shots in the knees. I never felt any pain.

I didn’t decide to get the surgery until February 21, 2017, two years after my first appointment with Dr. McGough. I wanted to make sure I was ready for the surgery and wanted to build a relationship with Dr. McGough. I learned that Dr. McGough and I have a lot in common; he does some hunting and his family is also from Carbon Hill.

After the procedure with Dr. McGough I felt great. I’m actually coming up on my 1-year anniversary after receiving the surgery!  I did physical therapy for 6 weeks and then I was right back to doing yard work and hauling hay…. the whole 9 yards.

I’m so glad I went to Andrews Sports Medicine for my left knee replacement. My right knee replacement, which was done by another practice, still has pain. However my left knee, done by Dr. McGough, has no pain and a lot more movement than the right knee. I’m telling you…everything went just GREAT!

Because of my right knee, I had something to compare my left knee surgery to. The surgery from Dr. McGough was just great. I didn’t experience the same post-surgery pains as I did for my right knee replacement.

My experience was all positive. Thank you Dr. McGough and Andrews Sports Medicine!

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