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Knee Replacement (Total)

My husband, Leland Millsaps, worked for Jim Walter Mines in Brookwood, AL for more than 30 years. After leaving the mine industry, Leland has spent the last 15 years owning and managing a garage door installation business.

Leland has always had bilateral knee pain, but over the years he developed pain in both knees. He was previously given a gel injection at another medical practice, which provided some relief and was very helpful.

However, over time Leland started having pain and crepitation in both knees, with the left knee becoming more bothersome than the right. We wanted to seek orthopedic care in a different setting and that's when we began to do our research. We came across Andrews Sports Medicine online, read a lot of great reviews and decided to schedule an appointment.

Leland had his first visit with Dr. Wayne McGough in April, 2018. While at his appointment, the imaging showed that Leland had significant joint space narrowing in both knees. According to Dr. McGough, Leland's cartilage was gone and he was 'bone on bone.'

Dr. McGough suggested that Leland try a 'rooster comb injection' in the left knee and see if he responded well to the treatment. If Leland did not receive relief, Dr. McGough stated that he would be a good candidate for a total knee arthroplasty.

Dr. McGough discussed the total knee replacement surgery, including the risks, benefits, and recovery time. Unfortunately, the injection only helped with a minimal amount of pain and my husband decided to go forward with the total knee replacement of the left knee in June, 2018. Following surgery, I finally saw hope in Leland's eyes again!

The care Leland received was fantastic. Dr. McGough is a great surgeon and I am so thankful for his skillful hands, his kindness and compassion to us was truly amazing. He did not rush to surgery, instead doing his best to try conservative treatment first. 

Leland and I both liked Dr. McGough from the first visit and immediately felt we were in the right place with a great doctor and no longer was dreading surgery.

A huge thank you to Dr. McGough for relieving Leland's constant pain. We are feeling blessed and grateful for our choice of Andrews Sports Medicine.

Margaret Millsaps

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