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Mountain Brook, AL

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With the world pandemic and restrictions in New York, my career as a professional dancer slowed down. Therefore, I left New York and traveled to New Orleans, where dance studios were allowed to remain open, to continue my professional training.

In New Orleans, my right foot began to interfere with my dancing.  Several years earlier, I have had ongoing problems with my right foot for several years especially with my big toe. I noticed that it had become challenging to releve (a movement of rising up tall on my toes) in my dance routines. Not only was the injury affecting my dancing, I could not walk correctly and found myself walking on the outside of my foot.

I returned to my hometown of Birmingham to get my foot checked out. I made an appointment with Dr. Rachel Henderson, non-surgical sports medicine physician, at Andrews Sports Medicine.

Dr. Henderson assessed my foot and reviewed my x-ray. She concluded that I had had a stress fracture over time but then it turned into a clean break.  Dr. Henderson recommended I have a toe spica cast. Once the cast was removed, I graduated into use of crutches and a boot.  I went to physical therapy for strengthening.

I have to admit, the plan to wear a cast was not music to my ears. To a dancer, the thought of not being able to be mobile and do what you are passionate about is disappointing. However, I am so grateful to Dr. Henderson for her care. During this time, it allowed me to stop, rest and develop other aspects of dance such as the business side. I am now feeling better than ever. I am ready to dance and rise up into a beautiful releve with a smile.

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Rachel G. Henderson, MD
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