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Enterprise, AL

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Karate has always been a BIG passion of mine from a very young age. Around 2013 I started having severe pain in my left hip. The pain continually got worse, to the point where I couldn’t do karate at all anymore.


I lost my flexibility. I had such severe pain from even just everyday walking. I thought the days of doing karate was over. As a 37 year-old man, this was very hard to accept.


Through research, I came across Andrews Sports Medicine. I called and got a consultation appointment with Dr. Jeffrey Davis. He recommended Hip Resurfacing. I decided to go through with the procedure in January, 2016.


My experience was awesome. Following surgery, I woke without the pain I had experienced for so long. Of course, I had some surgical pain but it was much more tolerable than the pain I had previously been dealing with.


I was in the hospital for 3 days and had therapy daily. They taught me all the exercises that I would need to continue at home. The hospital staff and therapy department did an excellent job and I had no complaints. When I got home I worked hard each day doing all the exercises they told me to do. I saw progress each day.


Now 2 years later, I live a very active lifestyle. I’m able to do karate again...which was so important to me. I have gotten almost all my flexibility back and I’m able to run on the treadmill. Most importantly with NO pain!!!


Thanks so much to the staff at Andrews Sports Medicine and St. Vincent’s Hospital. Y’all are awesome. A special thanks to Dr. Jeffrey Davis and Katie Beckham, PA-C for giving me a second chance at doing what I enjoy so much. My life has changed so much since my surgery and I’m so thankful I decided to have my hip resurfaced.

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