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To paraphrase a quote by Sir William Osler, “the patient who treats himself has a fool for a doctor.”
Yep… that would be me.

I experienced reoccurring knee pain for several years. I convinced myself that it was the result of a “maturing” body. I thought that the right exercise or magical lotion would somehow correct my condition. As I got older the painless intervals became shorter and the pain went from an annoyance to a disability.

By early 2018 my condition worsened to the point that it was extremely painful to walk very short distances even with the assistance of a cane. Even though the worst pain was confined to my knee, my feet, hip and back were now getting into the act. I thought these new pains were probably the result of poor posture and using a cane.

I knew I had to do something when I started to shop at more expensive stores instead of Walmart because of the number of steps I would have to take to get what I needed. OK, I'll admit it... I was missing a lot of quality time with my wife, children, and grandchildren too. My brother-in-law and sister had been successfully treated at Andrews Sports Medicine and encouraged me to make an appointment. I immediately took their advice…a couple of months later.

After the initial non-surgical screening process, I was referred to Dr. Jeffrey Davis for a possible surgical solution. During my initial appointment, the first person to enter the examining room was Katie, Dr. Davis' PA. She asked me to describe my pain and its location. I explained that it was excruciating to walk, and that the pain for the most part, was located in my right knee. She asked several more questions, closely examined my knee, and said, “I believe the problem is your hip not your knee; let’s get an x ray.” They did and she was correct!

At first, all I could think of were the lotions and mystery salves I wasted on the wrong body part over the last couple of years. After reviewing the diagnosis, Dr. Davis confirmed the findings and explained that my injury required a total hip replacement. He explained the procedure, recovery, desired outcome, and answered all the questions my wife and I had. We then met with Carol who completed the paper work and scheduled the pre-exam and information class. I left that afternoon confident that we made the correct decision choosing Andrews Sports Medicine.

On the morning of the surgery we first met with the anesthesiologist and then Dr. Davis. Dr. Davis verified what was to be done and what it was to be done to. Before leaving, Dr. Davis asked if it was OK if he said a prayer. There was no better way, he could have sent me into that operating room.

I remember the anesthesiologist telling me that after the anesthesia was administered I would not remember very much. Brother was he right! The next thing I knew, I was being wheeled back into my room. Two hours later the physical therapy folks were helping me to walk down the hall and with very little discomfort (mostly in the incision area). No knee pain, no foot pain, no back pain, and no hip pain, I was ecstatic!

Dr. Davis visited that afternoon and said everything went according to plan. The next morning he stopped by and said I could go home if I wished. After a few more physical therapy sessions and some instruction, we were on our way home with a portable toilet, walker, and assorted goodies.

The nurses called each morning for several days to check on my condition, progress, and asked about my ability to do the prescribed therapy. After two weeks on the walker, we made the move to the cane. After the fourth week we hung the cane up.

When I entered into his office that first day, I just was hoping for some relief from the pain. My life, for the most part, had been reduced to existing in a very limited space of our home, the bedroom, bath and my recliner. I could feel my body growing weaker from inactivity.

At the age of 71, I never allowed myself to think that I could feel this good again. My biggest challenge is restraining myself from doing all the things I want to do until I complete my three months of post-surgical restrictions.

I will never be able to adequately thank the Good Lord as well as Dr. Davis and his team, for giving me back my life with my wife, children, grandchildren, family, and friends, and yes, the ability to shop the discount stores again.

God bless you all and the great folks of Andrews Sports Medicine and St. Vincent Hospital!

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