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My name is Stephen Huschka and I am 76 years old, turning 77 this upcoming August. I grew up on the water in a town outside of Kansas City, Missouri. From a young age, I enjoyed being outdoors playing sports no matter the season. In the summer, I would water ski, swim, and sail. I played ice hockey and snow skied in the winter.

I graduated college with a degree in mechanical engineering and went into the workforce as a project director for refinery plants. My career allowed me to travel the world, living in eight different countries. My career was a unique experience in my life, for which I am grateful.

Throughout my adult life, I have been an active person doing yard work, chores around the house, and traveling. As I entered my later years, I began experiencing persistent pain in my shoulders. What started as a dull ache gradually escalated, making it increasingly difficult to even raise my arms above my head. I knew I could not wait any longer before seeking medical attention.

Determined to regain freedom of movement, I decided it was time to go get my shoulder checked out at Andrews Sports Medicine in Birmingham. During my initial appointment, I met with Dr. Ricardo Colberg who assed me and referred me to Dr. Wayne McGough, a very skilled and compassionate orthopaedic surgeon. 

Dr. McGough found that I had advanced osteoarthritis with severe glenoid deformity. He told me I needed a right reverse total shoulder arthroplasty and that it would require a custom base plate. During my visits with Dr. McGough, I appreciated his ability to be straightforward and honest while simultaneously personable and kind.

The surgery was phenomenal. Remarkably, it was an outpatient procedure which allowed me to recover in the comfort of my own home. Shortly thereafter, I embarked on the journey of recovery and rehabilitation, not just physically, but mentally as well.

When I went in for my post-operation appointment with Dr. McGough, seeing how well my surgery on my right shoulder went, I decided to go ahead and have the exact same procedure on my left shoulder. I underwent my second surgery and it was also very successful. From my conversations with Dr. McGough, I am currently the only patient in the entire country that has bilateral custom made reverse TSA implants in my shoulders!

Now, 6 months after my second shoulder surgery, I feel better than ever and live with zero pain in my shoulders. I am able to motor boat on lake Logan Martin, visit family in Florida, and do work around the house like I was able to years ago before the pain started.

Recently, I embarked on quite an adventure - a two-week cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam with two of my friends from high school, accompanied by our supportive wives. This trip was a testament to my comeback. I cherished being able to enjoy the trip pain-free and with full range of motion in my shoulders.

With resilience and perseverance, I have reclaimed my active lifestyle which I count as a blessing every day. I am grateful for Dr. McGough, a brilliant and excellent surgeon and the team at Andrews Sports Medicine who helped me achieve Victory of Injury!

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Ricardo E. Colberg, MD
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B. Wayne McGough, Jr., MD
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