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In April of 2016, after many months of suffering arm and neck pain, numbness, and tingling, I went to my primary care physician. He suggested an MRI which did show a small tear in the shoulder area.

 I'd heard good things about Andrews Sports Medicine, so I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Jeffrey Dugas. Dr. Dugas felt my pain was not from the shoulder, but from the neck and set up an appointment for me with Dr. Andrew Cordover.

Dr. Cordover was very thorough in his exploration of my problem and wasn't sure where the pain originated from himself. So he ordered tests and even sent me to other doctors within the practice to try to understand why my symptoms didn't fit with a cervical spine problem.

When a mylogram finally was able to show what was causing the problem, Dr. Cordover was delighted and took much time showing my wife and I the area that was causing the problem.

 Due to other medical conditions we had to put off the surgery until this past October. The surgery was a great success and I am already feeling the relief from the pain that had plagued me for so long. I was treated with great care by Dr. Cordover and all his staff. In addition, we were treated with care and respect. from the personnel at the front desk to the time we left the building.

 One thing that has nothing to do with the surgery that I like about Dr. Cordover is he knows how to laugh with his patients! That is very important to me. Thanks Dr. Cordover!!

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Andrew M. Cordover, MD, MS
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Jeffrey R. Dugas, MD
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