Growth Plate Injuries

Growth plates are places where new bone tissue forms. 

what is it?

Growth plates are places where new bone tissue forms. They are found near the ends of the long bones in growing children. Growth plates are weaker than the surrounding bone. That makes them easier to injure. 

what causes it?

Growth plate injuries often happen in the elbow. This can be a problem for young athletes who play baseball which places a lot of repetitive stress on the joint. A growth plate injury can also be caused by a traumatic accident. It can be caused by a bicycle or skateboard crash, or by a fall. It can happen during contact sports. 

signs and symptoms

A growth plate injury of the elbow causes pain. Your child's elbow may swell. It may be tender and warm. They may not be able to move it. Without proper care, this injury can interfere with your child's bone growth. 

NOn-surgical treatment

Treatment options depend on the severity of your child's injury. Immobilization allows some injuries to heal.

surgical treatment

Others need surgery. Our team of experts can create a plan that's right for your child. 

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