Slapping Down Hockey Injuries in AL

There’s nothing like the speed, camaraderie and raw power of hockey. When metal meets ice, it feels as though nothing stands between you and glory. But in contact sports, there’s always something — like a 200-pound enforcer. If you find yourself hitting the boards a little too hard, it’s time to scrape yourself off the ice and get to a sports medicine specialist.

Orthopaedic sports injuries fall into two categories: overuse and trauma. In hockey, overuse injuries are usually caused by powerful shots and quick pivots. These injuries commonly affect the shoulders, elbows, knees and lower back, but can occur in any other part of the body as well. Traumatic hockey injuries, such as fractures or concussions, are usually the result of hard contact and should be examined as soon as possible.

At Andrews Sports Medicine, you’ll work with some of the country’s top sports medicine doctors. We offer aggressive surgical and nonsurgical treatment options for hockey injuries, such as:

  • Elbow Bursitis
  • Knee Ligament Injuries, including ACL, PCL and MCL
  • Separated Shoulder
  • Sports Hernia
  • Sprains and Strains
  • Herniated Disc
  • Concussion

Our sports medicine specialists are also leading innovators in the field of sports injury prevention research and education. Your orthopaedic treatment plan will include detailed injury prevention counseling to help you avoid repeat injuries and future orthopaedic problems.

If you’ve suffered orthopaedic hockey injuries in AL, call us today at (205) 939-3699 or request an appointment using our online form. You can also check out our Physician Finder to choose a sports medicine doctor that specializes in your type of injury.

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