November 1, 2018

Facilitating Optimal Injury Recovery


Thank you to Competitor Running writer, Laura Peill, for inviting Dr. Cherie Miner to provide her insight for her article - Facilitating Optimal Injury Recovery. The article published on Thursday, November 1, 2018. 

Competitor Running

Written by Laura Peill

There’s something oddly comforting about hearing the injury woes of other runners. It’s not that we ever wish an injury upon someone else or that we ever hope our fellow running tribe suffers the dreaded DNS due to injury, but sometimes it’s just helpful to know we aren’t in it alone.

We all want to bounce back from injury as fast as possible when it comes to running. But often, our impatience or fear of falling behind in training means we don’t do the right things to optimize recovery, or to come back without risk of re-injury. The reason behind that of course, isn’t necessarily that we don’t know we should focus on optimizing recovery, rather that sometimes we don’t realize the proper method of injury rehabilitation.

Dr. Cherie Miner of Andrews Sports Medicine & Orthopedic Center says that the injury type is very indicative of what the proper treatment needs to be. Acute injuries typically only require rehabilitation, while overuse injuries, such as stress fractures and tendonitis are often more related to biomechanics. In these instances, a “running evaluation to analyze mechanics and rehabilitation are important for overcoming and preventing” these types of injuries.

This methodology was backed by a recent study...

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