November 10, 2016

Rising Stars in Health Care


Birmingham Business Journal

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Rising Stars in Health Care: Dr. Kathleen McKeon | Andrews Sports Medicine

Kathleen McKeon specializes in hand and wrist orthopaedic surgery for Andrews Sports Medicine.

In layman’s terms, what do you do in the world of health care? I am an orthopedic surgeon, with subspecialty training in hand surgery. I specialize in operative and non-operative management for all types of hand, wrist, elbow, and nerve problems.

Why did you get into the health care field? To make a difference in my patients’ lives and in my community.

What is the highlight of your career so far? It makes my day every time a patient is able to return to work or sports after a hand injury. Hands are crucial for every aspect of life, so restoring function to a patient’s hands is truly life-changing.

What is your ultimate career goal? To provide excellent patient care. All other goals are secondary.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Right here in Birmingham, working hard every day to serve my patients.

What’s the biggest challenge in the health care industry today? There is a lot of uncertainty about the current structure of insurance and reimbursement. That uncertainty about the future limits the ability to think about long term investments and take risks.